We identify students based on quiz
results, mainly improvement in Olypiad
style tests conducted by us.


We distribute prizes and scholarships to winners. Girl winners are given a separate prize as special case. Students who show consecutive improvements are given prizes in separate category even if they are not winners !

Benefits Discount on Guide Book

We give discount on guide books to all participants even if not winners. Our association with Publishers is extensive. Winners also get Merit certificates and find their names on our website. Interested students can also purchase E Learning packages at high discount.

The Story of Gyan Tarang

Gyantarang or "Gyaan" (knowledge) Tarang ("wave") represents a wave of knowledge; a wave that actually aims to touch people lives in more ways than one. A realization that all are not fortunate to get basic education brought us together to aim to do something. We felt that rewarding students with prizes can bring a big positive change in attitude. Thus, Gyantarang was born in 2012 with an aim to spread an organization that pairs social enterprise with another noble cause – environment protection.

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Our Featured Courses

  • Student of girls high School, Raipur
    Gyantarang helped in improving my academics. We are happy to get prizes for improvement also !
  • K.V. School Cuttack
    Gyantarang exams are god for our students. It instills a sense of environment protection and awareness in our students. Many students find it
  • Pune
    My son got first prize for improvement ! Earlier he never got any prize for improvement. I see a definite increase in interest for studies after getting prizes for the hard work he had put in to increase scores !

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