The Story of Gyan Tarang

Gyantarang or “Gyaan” (knowledge) Tarang (“wave”) represents a wave of knowledge; a wave that actually aims to touch people lives in more ways than one. A realization that all are not fortunate to get basic education brought us together to aim to do something. We felt that rewarding students with prizes can bring a big positive change in attitude. Thus, Gyantarang was born in 2012 with an aim to spread an organization that pairs social enterprise with another noble cause – environment protection.

We are proud recipient of various awards at district and state level for the good work we have done over last five years. The value we provide cannot be easily quantified in earnings; but the impact we left on people will generate smiles to come in future. reports or venture capitalist valuations.

Our Professors

Prof. G D Sharma

We feel our efforts are shaped by the blessing and support of our esteemed professor Shri. G D Sharma who believed social values of paramount importance.

Our Contacts

270,Block - N, BP Township, Patuli Kolkata, 700094 INDIA


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